Paximune Immune System Booster


Prevent illness Fight off illness

Paximune Immune System Booster users take our supplement to boost their immune systems to fight off inluenza, flu, herpes, cold sores, stress sores, lip sores, certain cancers, copd, multiple sclerosis, wart symptoms from AIDS, Bechet's disease and a myriad of other illnesses a turbo charged immune system can address both proactively AND reactively.  We stress the importance of PREVENTION as the prudent lifestyle to follow by taking Paximune daily to prevent and fight off illness you may not even know is emerging within you.  More often when symptoms become apparent the illness has taken such a foothold within you eliminating the threat becomes more difficult, if not impossible.  The immune system has evolved to identify and eliminate threats before these threats can manifest into more serious situations.  Disease and infections have in turn evolved to shut down the immune system's ability to detect their presence, by shutting down the immune system's ability to produce the very proteins Paximune replenishes.  By maintaining a healthy level of these very special proteins at all times you ensure your immune system is ready willing and able to identify, attack and destroy what does not belong within you.  Most importantly Paximune is 100% safe for seniors, adults, children, infants and even pets and livestock with zero side effects reported in the 40 plus years of science behind it.  We believe our safety profile is a result of the extremely low dosage of active ingredient we deliver per dose.  Since our founding we believed that mirroring the immune system's naturally producing dosage delivery was the most effective and safest amount to deliver through Paximune and the results have proven us right.