Based on our research Paximune is most effective when sprayed orally into your mouth and then held under your tongue for as long as practical before swallowing.  The reason we recommend holding the sprayed liquid under your tongue is because there are 1000s of receptors located under your tongue that cascade into every domain of your immune system.  By putting Paximune's natural proteins directly in contact with these receptors effectively you are providing your immune system with the "master key" to decode most if not all the destruction codes to kill off viral infections.  Obviously results vary based on genetics but overall the vast majority of people who take Paximune gain a stronger, more robust, more proactive immune system that kills off viral infections and disease before they manifest into more serious states.  If you have a severe respiratory infection like flu, influenza, pneumonia, whooping cough, COPD, etc. not only spray and hold Paximune under your tongue but also inhale a few sprays of the mist directly into your lungs for immediate relief of symptoms as warranted.